The ULTIMAX Half-Wave End-Fed antennas are the perfect antenna for those that prefer not to used or own external an Antenna tuner. The antenna will be resonate at the Amateur bands specified for each model with very low to almost flat SWR. Capable of handling near legal limit without core saturation.

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Product Description

The ULTIMAX Half-Wave End-Fed antenna is the perfect antenna for those that prefer not used an Antenna tuner, the antenna will be pretty close to a perfect resonant on all Amateur bands.

The antenna handles near legal limit (SSB)

The antenna behave just like the common dipole but is fed in one end.

The  First SWR graph shows 8010 Model and the second one shows the HW4010 Model.

Technical Specs:

Antenna Tuner: Not Required most of time

Frequency Coverage: 10 to 40* Meters / 10 to 80 Meters Depending on Model

Power handling:1200W SSB PEP 250W Carrier Max

Winding: Teflon Heavy film insulated wire

Core: Low permeability Ferrite Toroid

Hardware: Stainless Steel

Connector: SO-239

Enclosure: ABS

Insertion loss: 0.3-0.5 

Wire Length by Model:

​80 to10 Meters – 130′ ft. wire length

40 to 10 Meters – 66′ ft. wire length

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Band Coverage

80/10 Meters, 40/10 Meters


  1. Colin Cade (verified owner)

    I bought this antenna because I live in an HOA restricted area. I bought a self tapping screw hook from the hardware store for a dollar and some change and hung this antenna up. I purchased the 66 ft version and the 130 ft version. I also purchased the line isolator. The first contacts were DX. Worked all of Europe the first night. When I turned on my radio and heard nothing I thought it was the antenna, and it was, the antenna is so quiet that I had to turn on both preamps to hear noise. Everyone else was hearing static and noise at a level 4 or 5 and mine was non existent. I grounded the antenna to a 32inch ground spike that I purchased online and that is to bleed off static. The 66ft end goes into a tree. My internal radio tuner is not needed, however I use it so the radio sees 1:1. But on 10-40 and even 6, this antenna tunes with the internal tuner. It will not tune on 60, 80, but it will tune on 160. I’m not so certain that it will work well on 6 or 160 but it does tune with the internal tuner. He advertises 10-40 and that is where it works very well. Got thru pileups with 100 watts. I don’t use amps, just my radio and antenna. If you want something that will work as advertised, then this is your antenna. Don’t compromise your system with antennas that are non-resonant. This antenna is surely resonant. I hooked up the rigexperts and flawless results.

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